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United African Congress (UAC), Earth Rights Institute (ERI), Gesundheit Foundation and Humanitarian Travels International Join GTAH to Provide Medical and Humanitarian Assistance to Haiti

Kids Explore, Universal Aid Society, and the Luisa Messon Foundation Continue Our Long Standing Partnership With GTAH: teaming up with World Care, United African Congress (UAC), Earth Rights Institute (ERI), to mobilize resources and assist Haiti to cope with present circumstances and eventually to rebuild the peoples lives and country. GTAH provided volunteers to the Consulate of Haiti in the first days of the crisis and continues to do so in order to assist with moving volunteer Health Care professionals into Haiti.

18 March, GTAH and partners to launch a 35 member medical and humanitarian mission to Light and Peace Mission and Orphanage in Bon Repos, Haiti: The Mission will be maintained for several months, rotating personnel periodically. This 18 March mission will include the famous Dr “Patch” Adams from the Gesundheit Foundation.

GTAH Help Facilitate Travel for 14 Member Volunteer Medical Team into Haiti: consisting of doctors and professional health care providers from the Bedford Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corp (BSVAC) into Haiti to work at the General Hospital in Port Au Prince.

GTAH Facilitated donation of a Mobile MaxPure® to the Light and Peace Mission in Bon Repos, Haiti: (MMP) is a standalone solar-powered fresh water purification system with the capacity to pump and purify an average of 30,000 gallons each day is valued at $100,000 and was donated by the City of Rahway, NJ together and the United Water Company Inc. This will provide clean water for the community and the more than 12,000 refugees from Port Au Prince who had made their way out of the ruins of the city. The water filter, a Mobile MaxPure® (MMP) is powered by solar panels and can also be used to desalinate 3,000 gallons of sea water a day.

Greater Washington Haiti Coordinating Committee team up with GTAH and partners: to provide doctors for the charter flight to Haiti , piloted by actor and leading Scientologist John Travolta. The flight, with the actor’s wife, Kelly Preston on board, left Tampa on 25 January with a group of 20 doctors/ nurses and six tons of aid to Port-au-Prince.

GTAH and partners send a team of doctors from Canada to Jimani, Dominican Republic: where they assisted the hospitals there in treating hundreds of injured Haitians who crossed the border for treatment. Jimani is on the border of Haiti The medical team lead by Glen Lahey, president of Kids Explore, included two doctors (one surgeon) three nurses, three paramedics, two EMS, one translator, one videographer, and a journalist. The team arrived in Jimani on 22 January and after a six day stay returned to Canada on 28 January.


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